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We help Fortune 500 companies make more money & save more money

by improving and developing their elearning

We help Fortune 500 companies & organizations make more money, save more money, achieve more and do more by developing and improving their elearning. When everyone is properly trained sales increase and employees are more efficient, content and happy.


DGW works with each client to ensure the right solution for every project. We take the time to understand your organization, goals and message you want to deliver. We then research, analyze, create content, design and develop custom learning, with supporting web & marketing materials that engage.

Analysis & Research

Whether elearning, web or print development, success begins with your organization, it‘s goals and the message you want to deliver. How? By identifying specific goals, profiling audiences’ knowledge and skill sets; and selecting innovative methods and format that insure your message is effective. This analysis leads to appropriate project schedules and delivery dates.

Content Creation

Strong analysis and research leads to engaging content that resonates with your audience. Collaborative conversations around topic delivery guides us to the best ways to deliver your message and insure positive outcomes.  Creative and active experiences support your company’s initiatives, leading to long-term success.


The strategy for design is always evolving and efficient use of visuals plays a key role in the effectiveness of the message. The graphical user interface, color palette, fonts, media elements and interactivity keep the audience engaged. DGW creates crisp, clean, modern design to compliment your objectives and the message you want to convey.


Today’s audience is constantly advancing and so should your message. Your materials should be developed using the latest technologies, keeping in mind that the user might be on a computer, phone, tablet or other device. DGW’s programming skills are always growing so that we keep abreast of constantly evolving tools and offer you the opportunity to take advantage of them.


Advancing the way people learn.

We help companies make more money by having their employees achieve more and do more. Building happy, content, efficient employees that can take their goals to the next level.


Client Relationships

A few clients that we are happy to have a relationship with...